Corporate Solution

Additional to the functions of the Personal Solution und der Company Solution, the Corporate Solution contains:

  • The software tool SynEdit which allows you to customize the SPiCE1-2-1 assessment tool to fit your individual needs: The processes can be edited and enhanced, the explanations can link to your company own documents and all icons and captions can be adapted.
  • Of course, the software SynEval is still included.
  • Two days training & workshop for performing the assessment and operating the tools is included*


You should be aware, that this toolset is capable of creating a whole process and quality management system. From our experience, the difficulties for introducing structured approaches are not part of the production of procedures. The difficulties are contained in the order and manner how you transport the relevant information to your colleagues.
And especially this is the core strength of the assessment methodology: Here not only processes are assessed. Here your colleagues are informed, trained, motivated and becoming nosily about processes.


Just imagine this antagonism: Should employees receive new process descriptions per Monday morning mail (big surprise - as if we had time for that). - Or should they explore the world of processes in small groups - together and with the help of an assessment?


Here the tool is capable of doing unbelievable things: Instead of resisting against everything, the employees will become your ally. We can not imagine, how much time and money is wasted every day just to eliminate the resistance of employees (or for ignoring it due to a sophisticated reporting system). Experiences showed: Only a honest, open attitude of all stakeholders and a free, pleasant atmosphere really lead to the development of software processes which gain both: employee satisfaction and targeting on business goals. MyBusinessQuest Corporate Solution is the communication tool which lays the foundation for your process mangement.


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* Prices do not include subsistence and travel cost. Standard rates apply.


HM&S IT-Consulting GmbH

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