What is MyBusinessQuest?

MyBusinessQuest is the self assessment tool to evaluate and analyze your management processes, quickly and efficiently.


You perform an assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses concerning your way of managing.


MyBusinessQuest is the tool for managers to get an overview of the degree of process orientation within a company within approximately two hours.


The result contains comprehensive evaluations and analysis in the form of charts.


The rating can be done on your own, within a group of your organization (Self-Assessment) or it you be guided using the help of a consultant (Guided Self-Assessment).


You can also perform the Assessment in Audit style and have the rating done by external consultants. Contact us, we'll be happy to advise you about the ideal way how to perform an assessment!


Process modell of MyBusinessQuest

MyBussinessQuest consits of five process areas which are defined as follows:





Marketing and Sale

Customer Service

Core Competences


Research and Development

Performance (Production/Servicing)




Documentation and Reporting

Reviews and Assessments

Auditing and Certification




Project Management

Quality Management

Risk and Security Management



Organizational Orientation

Continuous Improvement


Infra structure and Resources


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